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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 11, 2009 6:00pm-6:45pm EST

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recently gained oversight of the taxi industry says he'll hold a hearing on the taxi tickets in january. documents obtained by news4 show that 66% of all contested tickets written in the past two years were dismissed by the city's traffic adjudication bureau, a far higher percentage than for regular drives. of the tickets written by d.c. police, 69% were dismissed in that period. and 65% of tickets written by taxi commission inspectors also were dismissed. >> obviously we're concerned about it. just learned about it a couple of weeks ago when we started getting involved in the different issues. that was one of the things that jumped out. >> reporter: the probe into the ticket dismissals comes as federal authorities continue their investigation into attempted bribery within the d.c. taxi commission. that probe includes two years of fbi undercover work by commission chairman leon swain and the arrest of a high-ranking d.c. council staff member on
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bribery charges. the district government declined friday to respond to news4. a city spokesman said the attorney general directed that no questions be answered and nichols would neither confirm or deny any investigation. the fbi also told news4 today that it has no comment on any of those investigations. but if you just try to get a ticket, you get a ticket, you want to fight it, the best way to do it apparently is become a cab driver. >> it's an unfortunate way to have to go. thank you, tom. >> appreciate it. it was cold out there today. really cold. but it was even colder this morning before the sun came up. that created some black ice out there. that's really rough stuff. some people found out the hard way at the intin bethesda. one driver skidded off the road, took out a traffic light. he wasn't the only one, though. icy spots caught a lot of drives off guard. the weather also contributed to
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several water main breaks. a neighborhood in northeast d.c. was without water service for several hours today. it was because of a water main break there. it happened between "w" and "v" streets northeast at about 1:00 this afternoon. water servic has now been restored to the area. frigid temperatures are making water main breaks ever more common. the cold snap is causing troubles around is region as noted. so how cold, veronica, is it going to get? >> down into the 20s again, jim. just like last night, early this morning, down to 23, 24 degrees. but this time, the wind isn't going to be quite as strong out there. it's not quite as brisk for us. the air temperature, all above freezing. 36 in d.c. manassas at 36. annapolis at 35 degrees. up north, though, we have a few spots at freezing. martinsburg with that wind. you get to take about ten degrees off. that's what it feels like out there. mid-20s right now.
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the windchill, well below freezing. we've got a storm system we're tracking for the weekend. this will be developing down across the southeast and making its way northward. it is going to be a weak system, but it will bring a brief period sunday morning after the sun comes up probably. brief period of wintry mix with sleet, freezing rain, snow, all mixed together before switching over to rain by noon. that is for sunday. tomorrow we'll do okay. we'll start out cold. 23 to 24 degrees. saturday night, sunday morning, we are only going to dip down into the low 30s across the area. so some calm sunshine tomorrow. that system for sunday. we'll dethail it more in a few minutes. >> thank you. this kind of cold can be dangerous. maryland is reporting the state's first deaths from cold weather. four people have died since late november. a baltimore woman died november 21st. a man from an rundle county died november 30th due to the cold
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weather. craig melvin is i silver spring with more on the very serious hypothermia threat. >> you mentioned those most recent numbers, but last year throughout the state of maryland, some 54 people died from hypothermia. but it's not just maryland. throughout the area tonight, throughout the region, people and organizations are bracing for this blustery, biting cold. the biting cold did not totally catch dave jamison off guard. >> it's quite a cold snap. i didn't think it would be this cold this early. here it is. trying to be ready for it. >> reporter: we found scores of folks ready for it. [ inaudible ] >> it's cold. and you have to put the camera right up on me. >> reporter: it's cold during the middle of the day and will get a lot colder soon, but most of these people will soon find warmth. >> you're trying to go --
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>> reporter: meanwhile, the hypothermia hotline finds the people that need warmth. >> it's a great need. we transport a lot of people. >> reporter: some folks call in offering help. others call because they're looking for it. >> if they need transportation to the shelter or they saw somebody that was out there that they want us to check on or they need blankets or hats, gloves, scarves. >> reporter: the hypothermia hotline uses these vans to take the items or drop off the cold and homeless at shelters. and those shelters say the cold temps are having an affect on them, too. >> the last couple of weeks as the weather has dropped, we've seen a sharp increase in the number of clients who are staying here. we have the capacity for 50 men and 20 women and for the past few weeks actually we've been at our slightly above capacity. >> reporter: and so are several other shelters. more people need to be on the look-out for people outside.
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here's what officials say you should be on the lookout for. slow breathing, confusion or forgetfulness or skin discoloration. if you see someone exhibiting those symptoms, you should call 911 immediately. meanwhile, we mentioned that hypothermia hotline. the number there, that's just for folks in d.c. only. if you see someone on the streets of d.c., call this phone number. 1-800-535-7252. they man those phones 24 hours a day. dore doreen, back to you. >> thank you, craig. a man from maryland was killed in a crash on the bw parkway today. 52-year-old david weeden of laurel, maryland, was going north on the parkway near route 198. for some reason he ran off the road and smacked into a stone bridge abutment. he was killed at the scene. part of that highway remained closed through the rush hour during the investigation.
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a slower ride on metro's red line today. minor delays because of a problem at the rockville metro station. smoke was reported from one of the trains. crews now tell us the smoke was caused by overheated brakes on that train. rail power is back up. that train car was removed. five local muslim american students detained in pakistan will most likely be deported to the u.s. police in pakistan say the americans used youtube to praise anti-american attacks and to get the attention of taliban operatives. but tonight, we're hearing from a saddened and stunned fairfax county mosque that there were no warning signs of trouble ahead. julie carey has the latest. >> the teaching of moderation, the teaching of balance. >> reporter: the friday sermon delivered inside and out focused on the incident that put this tiny mosque in the global spotlight. these are the mug shots of the five young men who just weeks ag prayed at the mosque and
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were active in its youth group but are now in custody in pakistan. they are suspected to travel to pakistan to wage holy war. >> they were wholesome, regular kids. >> reporter: this man has been a youth leader to the students for the last several years. he says their focus was always on positive activities. >> i never observed any extreme behavior from them. i never became suspicious that they were planning to do harm to anyone else. i have always known these kids as fun-loving, career-focused children that had a bright future. >> reporter: but this mosque leader says those families and others in this small close-knit mosque are now in pain, unsure when the young men will be returned to the united stateso possibly face charges. >> we pray that they come back safe and we pray for a speedy resolution of this matter. >> reporter: an interrogation report released by pakistani
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police reveals the five students used facebook and youtube to make connections with radical thinkers. it reads, they had a deep interest in the religion and were of the opinion that a jihad must be waged against the in infidles. one of the young men used to regularly visit youtube. he used to praise the video which showed attacks on the u.s. army. local muslim leaders say the case is a wake. call that the internet is a potent recruiting tool. >> we are determined not to let religious extremists exploit the vulnerability of the emotions of our children through slick, seductive and destructive propaganda on the internet. >> reporter: mosque leaders view this case as an isolated incident, but just to be sure they're going to conduct their own internal investigation here at the mosque. julie carey, news4, fairfax county. >> today a blueprint was
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released to prevent similar incidents in the future. it's time to take the narrative away from those who seek to radicalize young people. they're also qucalling for a cooperative between the police and muslim americans. they suggest a law enforcement approach based on community policing rather than informants. >> community policing reaches out into the neighborhoods, talking to individuals, tries to reach -- tries to reach out. it does a lot of problem-solving. it deals with a lot of quality of life issues. it connects to a lot of other individuals on a daily basis. >>he report has been in the works for three months, but the council decided to release it today because of the recent arrests of muslim americans. coming up, a report on how a driver ended up on a dangerous collision course. and it's a fight for her life. a florida mother charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter wants the possibility of the death penalty dropped in her case. emotions take over in the
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courtroom. >> could caylee have understood what was happening to her?
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at the climate cnge summit in copenhagen, european leaders pledged to give $3.6 billion a year to developing countries over the next three years. it's all part of an effort to help them deal with climate change. in the meantime, outside the conference, demonstrators continue to clash with riot police. ann thompson has our report. >> reporter: the demonstration occurred here in the city of copenhagen. about 150 young people marched through the streets, tried to get to a meeting hosted by the international chamber of commerce. the students were protesting what they say is big business' attempt to set the agenda of how the world will deal with climate change. the students say big business creates the problem by burning fossil fuels and now it's trying
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to hijack any attempts to solve the problem. >> i think the talks are focused on economies once again and not on the human aspect of what is going on across the world. >> reporter: 61 people were detained. they will be held overnight for disorderly conduct. over at the bella center where the talks are taking place, the u.n. released the first draft, basically on outline of what an agreement might look like. it calls for the world to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2050. and it asks rich nations to cut their emissions anywhere from 75% to 90%. you'll remember that president obama has said his goal was to have the united states lower its emissions by more than 80% by the year 2050. i'm ann thompson in copenhagen. now back to you. >> that summit is set to wrap up on monday. the u.s. house of representatives passed financial reform legislation today.
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they hope it will prevent the next big economic crisis from evhappening. the bill would impose more overnight and stronger capital cushions on the largest banks and wall street firms. the legislation would force them to pay billions of dollars into a fund that would be used during a financial emergency. the obama administration had pushed the bill, but it passed along mostly party lines with no republican support. a gooday on wall street today. the dow jones industrials rose 65 points to end the day at 10,471. the nasdaq closed down less than a point at 2,190 and the new york stock exchange closed up about 20 points. all the major indexes were roughly flat for the week. there's a new report from usa today that says salaries for some new federal employees are way up. despite the recent recession. the paper looked at the number of new federal workers who are making more than $100,000 a year. during the 18-month recession, the number of employees taking
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home more than 100 grand jumped to 19 pest from 14%. those salaries do not include bonus or overtime pay. while the federal government was hiring in that same period, more than 7 million private-sector jobs were lost. maryland's school superintendent is proposal what some people describe as a bold change to improve teacher standards. many of the changes are linked to teachers' salaries. the proposals come as the federal government is offering states stimulus money if school systems are willing to initiate reforms. she wants to lengthen the time it takes for teachers to earn tenure, possibly as much as four years. the proposals would link teacher evaluations to student test scores and offer extra pay for those who teach difficult subjects such as math. some of the proposals would require a change in state law. coming up, courtroom emotions. a mother pleads for her life
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after her daughter was murdered. there are some people in this country who are digging out from 16 inches of snow. and we'll get another check on our weekend weather forecast. stay with us.
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i'm here in silver creek, new york. we're in western new york about 35 miles south-southwest of buffalo new york dealing with
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our first lake-effect snow event of the year. right now temperatures in the upper teens but it's the wind which is still howling out here from the southwest gusting at times 20 to 40 miles per hour. that continues to effect this snow. this is light, fluffy dry snow. it drifts it. this road was plowed earlier. still, we're talking a good 18, 20 inches deep. and it's the type of snow that continues to blow around even after it stops falling from the clouds. and we can still see another foot or two coming off these lakes as this lake-effect event continues. now, roadways with this blowing and drifting snow becoming impassei bl in some locations. this car got about eight, ten inches of snow on top of it. right now, the new york state thruway is closed because
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conditions are impossible to driver. some drivers are stranded. looks like this snow event will continue right on through friday and might not taper off until later into the weekend. for nbc news, i'm paul goodloe. >> we're not going to see anything like that, are we? >> no, we're not. >> makes you appreciate what a good gig you've got right here. >> but it is going to be cold. my kids were complaining about their five-minute walk from the bus stop. >> tell them about that guy. >> yeah, yeah, all bundled up. >> tell them about that mile you used to walk. you know what i mean? with sneakers with holes in them. >> uphill. >> yeah, all uphill, all the way. >> they know what state i grew up in. let's talk about what we have to deal with tonight. we'll have low windchill temperatures, but not like last night. last night and by morning we were between 5 and 15 degrees with the gusty winds. right now, we've got clear skies across the area. the clouds don't really hit us
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until late tomorrow. temperatures today, let's put it on the high, the low, where we started, where we wound up. 24 degrees to start. 40 was the high today. way off the mark of the average low and the average high. 33 and 48 degrees. now, the currents for you. where we are, the winds starting to diminish already. they're down to about 5 and 10 miles an hour right now. 7 at reagan national where the windchill right now is at 30 degrees to go with the temperature of 30. some other neighborhoods for you, let me take you to annapolis, maryland, where right now your temperature is at 35 degrees with a west wind at miles per hour. at seven miles an hour there in silver spring. the temperature of 32 degrees. montgomery county. and arlington right now, you're at 36 degrees across the area. so less wind around the area tonight. buffalo, syracuse, that's the snow you saw there.
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and right now, downwind of lake superior they're getting a lot of snow around marquette. all of those locations will by the end of the weekend wind up between two and three feet of snow. look at the temperature. chicago at 21 degrees. buffalo at 19. 22 degrees in bismarck. but starting to warm up now in the nation's midsection where close to 40 degrees was the high. st. louis and around wichita today. we're going to have a little bit of a mild push of air, especially for sunday night. that's going to help us out if there's any lingering showers. we'll see temperatures hold steady. any lingering showers that will be developing down here through the south, through there with lots of moisture coming up out of the gulf of mexico. high pressure keeps us dry through tomorrow. the first drops of rain precipitation with this storm probably won't start showing up until after the sun comes up on sunday. around 7:00, 8:00 a.m. or so. then we'll have a wintry mix. there's the cold for next week.
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a wintry mix that will come our way until about noontime on sunday. so the next 48 hours, clear skies, sunshine throughout the day. some clouds start to roll in by the evening hours and through the overnight. sunday, this is 8:00 a.m. a mixture, wintry mix just to the west of us. icy conditions far west as that low comes through. here's a look at it. i've done closer detail for you with the icy conditions, the high spots of the mountains and for spots like rappahnock, north up to montgomery, loudoun county, that's where there could be sleet, freezing rain and snow before switching over to rain before noontime on sunday. so it might be a little slick and slippery before we see that change-over. 32 to 36. we're brisk for the evening. mostly clear skies. not too bad. by tomorrow rning, clear, cold. sun is up at 7:17. the range in temperatures between 19 and 25 degrees. so tomorrow, we hit 43. then we're down to freezing for
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saturday night and sunday morning. right now there is an 80% chance that we'll have precipitation around on sunday. so the day to get the tree is saturday. we switch over and we should be drying out by monday morning. a little bit of a warm-up before the next cold blast comes in. right now that next cold blast is set for wednesday of next week. we'll see highs in the upper 30s, midand upper 30s and lows in the 20s. >> hello winter. >> yeah, right. >> long one. >> thanks, veronica. coming up, a dark, slippery night and a very loud street wreck. what happened to a man behind the wheel. burglars busy in potomac. a crook with very expensive taste. we'll tell you about a holiday calendar with a twist. and we'll hear the obamas' message for hanukkah. front of him. once again, landry takes the
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look now at the stories making headlines tonight. >> news4 has obtained documents that show in the past two years, 2/3 of tickets issued against taxi drivers have been routinely dismissed when they're contested. the fbi has had at least
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preliminary discussions on whether the ticket dismissals are part of an organized effort that could violate city law. the district government declined to respond to questions about the investigation. a senior state department official says five young americans arrested in pakistan are likely to be deported to the u.s. those young men were held today after they allegedly tried to join terrorist groups in pakistan. officials believe they wanted to fight u.s. troops in afghanistan. washington area is being hit with the coldest weather of the season so far. homeless shelters are preparing for full capacity tonight. d.c.'s hypothermia hotline is up and running to help people stay warm and safe. call 800-535-7252. coming up in this half hour of "news4 at 6," a courtroom breakdown. a florida mother pleads for her life. times square. that shootout. there are new details about the gun stolen from virginia. and swine flu cases may be
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down, but there is a new flu concern. we'll tell you about that. there's a burglar on the loose in the potomac area of montgomery county. one person acting alone is breaking into homes and stealing jewelry. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: the m.o. for this thief, it's a daytime job. he strikes between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. he goes to the front door of a house and knocks on it. if there's no answer, he goes around back and breaks in through a window or a door and once inside, the thievery begins. the take. >> very, very high-end jewelry. gold, jewels, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets. >> the big-money stuff. >> big-money stuff. >> the targets. police say he strikes homes west of leaven locks, south of darnstown, north of river and
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east of berryville road. the reaction. >> if he's a robber, he's going to do that. that's what he does. he robs houses. >> scary? >> sure. it's very scary. >> that's awful. that's very un-santa claus. >> i guess he wants to make his christmas happy for his family and sad for other ones. >> reporter: the advice. >> best thing you can do is ask everybody to double check their windows and doors, make sure they're locked. if they have alarms, set them when they're gone. if they're out of town for the holidays, let somebody know. >> reporter: police say this thief may be linked to a green toyota car or a white toyota truck. if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, police say call 911. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >> police say that suspect has hit eight homes in the past three weeks. the crime scene tape is gone and the tourists are back, but
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new york city's mayor says he has serious concerns about illegal guns in his city after a deadly shootout between a police officer and a suspected scam artist. it happened in times square yesterday. police say a street peddler ran from officers when they tried to question him about pandhandling, then the guy turned and fired an mac-10 machine gone when they gave chase. the suspect was killed when the officer returned fire. police say the gun was stolen from a gun shop in richmond. blembu two car accidents happened within minutes of each other. it was in the same location out in california. a news crew happened to be there at the time. that happened in los angeles this morning. the california highway patrol was on the scene at that first crash. and then just a few minutes later, another car traveling in the middle lane of the freeway smashed into the vehicle from
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the first accident. police say they don't know why the sdd accident happened, but two people were taken away in handcuffs. one of them suffered minor injuries. an emotional day in court today for the mother in orlando, florida, who is accused in the murder of her daughter. casey anthony cried as prosecutors painted a vaive uddescription of why they want the death penalty in the case against her. bob keeling as our report. >> could caylee have understood what was happening to her? did she try to resist? could her killer see the fear in her eyes as the tape was applied? >> reporter: casey anthony sobbed as prosecutors for the first te laid out two theories of how caylee anthony was murdered. either somebody knocked had erout with chemicals or they physically restrained her so she couldn't remove the tape herself.
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>> maybe her killer even saw her eyes as the tape was applied. first one piece, then two, then three so that no breath was possible. >> reporter: during this description, caylee's grandmother, cindy anthony, left the courtroom sobbing, followed closely by husband, george. >> shock for george and cindy. i didn't anticipate them having to go through that. >> reporter: casey's defense team seemed stunned, too. they argued the state only wants the death penalty because a death-qualified jury is more likely to convict. >> they can think and tell stories all they like, but they have to back it up with evidence, which they don't believe they can. >> reporter: the state today backed up its circumstantial case with a strong theory of how caylee died. >> he was saying, linse, we don't have anything to hitd here. you want to know what our theory is? here it is. come and get us. we feel confident this is what happened.
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>> that was bob keeling reporting. the defense today also second a judge to restrict the orange county jail from videotaping casey anthony. the lawyer for the jail says videotaping is allowed for all visitors and the court should not make any exception for one inmate. coming up, the face of homele homelessness may be changing. swine flu bug is reining, but there's a new health concern out there now. and how to be environmentally responsible for
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welcome back. veronica johnson here. it will be clear and cold tonight thanks to high pressure. we'll have clear skies around. a system developing down across the south will make its way northward giving us some precipitation on sunday. mostly rain but could be a wintry mix with the onset of that system. 36 is the air temperature now. 36 in manassas. 32 in quantico. 34 degrees. we have wind chills down into the 20s. be clear skies to start the day. sun is up tomorrow at 7:17. it will range from 17 around martinsburg to 25 degrees in st. mary's. a cold start. the last time we started out into the 20s until the midpart of next week. your high tomorrow, 43 degrees. lots of sunshine through the area. we'll see an increase in cloud cover. the first drops of rain, precipitation from that system moving up the coast after the
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sun comes up sunday. and the change-over to all rain should be by about noontime on sunday. then 50s early part of next week. >> thanks, veronica. mixed news out there from the cdc about the flu this season. the number of h1n1 cases is on the decline in the u.s. swine flu was widespread in 14 states last week. that's down from 48 states just six weeks ago. there's also more of the swine flu vaccine available now. however, health officials warn that cases of the seasonal flu are on the rise. it usually doesn't peak until february. the h1n1 vaccine does not prect you against the regular strain of flu. in georgia, there's a holiday centerfold calendar with a purpose. it features homeless men, some are transitioning back to the workforce d successful businessmen. the idea behind the calendar is that you shouldn't be able to tell who's who. a party is being held to kick off a fund-raiser where all the
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proceeds will go to job training and clothing for those looking for work. each year the district spends a lot of money and time removing graffiti from walls and buildings around town. that i why murals d.c. was launched. the program is sponsored by the d.c. commission of the arts and the department of public works. it provides paint and other supplies as well as public space so that the artists have a way to legally practice and perform their skills. six new murals were revealed today. organizers say each one reflects the character, the culture and the history of the neighborhood. ♪ an unusual pairing in south carolina. the charleston symphony and the south carolina aquarium debuted something called sounds of the sea. complete with a scuba diving musical duet.
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today's performance was just a sneak peek for the event that will open next month at the aquarium. the program hopes to educate visitors about the sea while performing aquatic melodies. >> just when you think you've seen everything, right? >> here it comes. >> and santa was under water. what's going on? >> we're all tripping out. what's up? coming up, we've got high school football action. lake braddock goes for its first championship. the nationals introduce their new catcher. and the wizards keep it so close with the celtics but they just can't finish it off.
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